By  ten percent,man shall not know how his life will change on this world.What we hope to be is not what actually end up our destinies.I normally tell my grandsons and daughters that what they are experiencing right now is not what they are going to be.

As i am speaking right now, am one hundred twenty four years old.I don’t care at the fact that i am blind ,but as soon as my grandson David told me,”we are in the month of June, the year 2014.”I celebrated about success of my remark i made to my friends 100 years once in Europe. The most tough situation have ever faced,’not hoped for’,neither believing it would happen,nor being born of it was finding my self in war.”The first world war”one of the greatest catastrophes the world has ever had.

In a war zone in London,city of then Britain around 1916,disaster had fallen me and my fellow Ugandans  brought to fight on behalf of our colonial masters the British against the Germans ,Turkish ,Bulgarians ,Austrians and allies. The German- infantry soldiers ,about 50 of them , had surrounded us in a war tunnel where we had no help. At this point,i was forced to lament that,”If we ever survive this war ,shall the ruler of heavens and earth add us  one hundred years of live on his earth for we are fighting for peace.

I wont describe to you how a few of us survived that critical situation , but i will tell you what the British premier George Lloyd said to us.Standing in the court yards of one of the army stations in London,listening to his speech. I imagined on how over seven thousand tactically inexperienced African men got engaged in a useless European war.It was only after when he spoke congratulatory words ,adding that our countries shall be recorded down the history for we survived the previous saga in the war tunnel and that we passed what he called,”test of our nations to participate in the super powers’ war.

Still i could not figure it out,apart from being saved from slavery,in which we were burdens of beasts,right from child hood to adult hood because the fact then was ,you either joined W . W  1 OR taken to slavery. When later i realized,i cant blame any nor consult none of my Black y  colleagues about the insignificant reason why we were engaged in a whites mans’ war,i decided to fight for a known reason believing in ,”SURVIVAL FOR MY LIFE.”

From London,by train , we passed boarders of France,Belgium, Denmark,Spain up to the boundaries of Sarajevo-then capital city of Serbia state where we camped in seven battalions.The story down the city  was  that it was the center of the out brake of the war in 1914.”A Serbian nationalist nameless,on 28th June, assassinated an anticipated heir of the Austrian throne Duke Franz Ferdinand the 1st and his wife-Sofia who were on trip in Serbia.” “The incident of the double murder, forced Austria under the influence of German to attack and occupy Serbia.Nicholas the 2nd could just look at Austria finishing his neighbors -the Serbians.Russia attacked Austria,this forced the then,” stubborn rat of Europe” KAISER  WILLIAM the second of German to attack Russia.The war then crossed boarders ,Britain France,Italy and Japan joined on the side of Russia.Turkey, Hungry,Bulgaria also joined German and Austria.” “so definitely we are here to rescue the Serbians from the Austrians!”.

Having sneaked in the  whispering of the two British soldiers about the war ,i realized at how big was the army of our opponents on ground.To be sincere, the war at SARAJEVO which i named ,”Battle of nations” was the ultimate war event that made up W W 1 leaving alone other wars we went through in German and turkey.

My friend, if i still go on describing to you how it was for us to survive in Serbia,my story will turn into a movie you’ve been thinking of to write all along, but i will tell you as i dint expect it to enter war, still i dint expect it that we shall survive Sarajevo.

I cant conclude that,that was all with the world war one venture story of my because some times i also ask my self how i ended  up in my country, and that takes me back to what i begun with that,”man is never an inventor of change.





Am locally called,TURYAMULEEBA SAMUEL.Am taking a journalism and public relations course at EMDI INSTITUTE OF MEDIA AND COMUNICATION which is a branch in my country.Am ok with my course,may be,just because i liked it before i started it.

Last week,when i was in class,the lecturer came in with what she called brain storming to the entire class.She asked us to make a brief document about how our course will benefit our careers.Actually,the thirty minutes she gave us were too little for every one to fail.When she came back,she told us,she wanted us to know that the first benefit of our course,”public relations”, to our careers is that,Time will never be enough,and that you use the little time availed to solve a big crisis.

At my crib,i thought about the class quiz and i noticed,my course will help me deal with big crisis-es in the organisation i will be working for as a PR AGENT.

i also got to know that through compulsory reading and writting, i will manage the best writting skills that will help me in my career in future.

Lastly i noticed that,this course will transform me into an unbeatable BRAND in the field of Public Relations.

With the above,i now believe thats what she wanted.God bless her because she open minded me about the relationship of the course and my career.